The cookbook Asia Street Bowls - great love! And 3 as a giveaway for you.

E s are cookbooks that you fall in love with right away. Because they look so pretty from the outside. And inside have great photos and recipes that sound so delicious that you would like to immediately hunt in the next supermarket and buy ingredients. Asia Street Bowls * by Heike and Stefan Leistner fall into this category: just want to flip through it.

For me, the topic is Asia Street Bowls a real hit in my personal cooking center: I'm a fan of Asian cuisine, I like it fresh and fast, I love broths and soups and I love to eat out of a bowl. Zack! Everything comes together here.

For many years, the authors Heike and Stefan have traveled throughout Asia, visiting food stalls and food markets in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Myanmar. They have not only collected many original recipes of the respective country kitchen, but also brought stories, great photos and exciting insights. They write about this in their blog 60 of the best and most typical recipes garnished with impressions of their travels have been published in their cookbook Asia Street Bowls .

The Cookbook Asia Street Bowls |

 The Cookbook Asia Street Bowls |
The cookbook Asia Street Bowls - great love! And 3 as a giveaway for you.
The Cookbook Asia Street Bowls

About the cookbook: After a little introduction to the tradition of street bowls, you can start right away with the delicious recipes. Organized by country you can learn very different recipes with and without meat or fish, with lots of vegetables, tofu, pasta or dumplings. There is also the manual for the preparation of authentic base broths from vegetables, chicken, beef or pork. Thematic pages on asian soup dishes such as kimchi, wonton, various types of noodles, tofu & co. Also provide insightful knowledge about how to make and use them.

In asia street bowls you'll find all the classics, which you have always eaten so much at the Asian snack of his trust. But even less known or more experimental recipe beads are included. This makes the book equally exciting for beginners and Asian connoisseurs. Me has e.g. This superfixed recipe for the Korean tofu stew with kimchi was amazingly happy.

 Cookbook Asia Street Bowls |
The Cookbook Asia Street Bowls |
The Cookbook Asia Street Bowls | GourmetGuerilla. DE

Except for the preparation of the base broths (which can be prepared and preserved very well), the dishes with fresh ingredients are usually available on the table in just a few minutes. Hot, beautiful looking and with great flavors!

Of course you need one or the other product from the Asian shop for the authentic taste. But for the most part, the ingredients for Asia Street Bowls come from the normal supermarket.With lots of edge information, cooking know-how and great photos, it conveys an impression of the respective Asian country cuisine and whets the appetite for delicious food and travel. The required ingredients and the finished dishes are wonderfully suitable for everyday use - also for the European taste. The recipes are clearly structured and can usually be easily followed. Asia Street Bowls is a great cookbook, where meat and fish lovers as well as vegetarians find many happy recipes.

Asia Street Bowls *
Heike & Stefan Leistner
Neuer Umschau Buchverlag
ISBN-10: 3865288316
248 pages
29,95 €

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