The Children's Birthday - Practical Tips to Survive the Whole (1)

Tips for a successful kid's birthday At least once a year, every family's moment approaches Mum and dad first look deep into their eyes and then at their beloved offspring, then, with a sigh, send themselves into the inevitable. It is planned, discarded, shopped, baked and cooked, cleaned, opened and cleared. No, I'm not talking about Christmas or the silver wedding of in-laws. I'm talking about a far more critical and important event in the lives of young parents: the birthday party.

What, what ... the inevitable? Does not childrens birthday mean chocolate dinners, Negro kissing, pot beating, ice cream, cakes, fun games, balloons, tricolor jelly, bratwurst and fries with ketchup, laughing happy kids, kindly smiling mums and dads - in short: a lot of fun and carefree, carefree hours? Now, if someone's head is full of bright-beautiful memories of the birthday parties of their own childhood, I have here and now unfortunately destroy all the illusions immediately. At the latest after the first self-organized event with toddlers, one realizes that everything is different in reality. Quite different.

Kids fun means a lot of hard work and stress for adults. And after two hours at the latest as a responsible adult on a birthday party, one can only suppress the desire for one or two strong drinks with the utmost supremacy. While at the end of the day, the little one is totally exhausted and sleeping peacefully in his bed, the parents generally remain as empty, wrinkled covers on the couch. But what do you do not do everything in order to enable the greatest child in the world an active social life and, of course, a lot of fun? Just. Almost everything.

Although we've gained some routine over the last few years (and at least tapped into every possible case, of course), we still learn every year. Actually, everything is not that hard if you know some important points - and above all, they pay attention. For all those who are still in the first child's birthday or who are planning for the next one, there is my new series:

The children's birthday - practical tips, to survive the dignity - PART 1
You should find the right time

There is no compelling reason to have a child's birthday on the day of the right birthday. In case of doubt this only leads to a lot of stress and organizational chaos. More importantly, the chosen time is appropriate for the parents of the birthday child. Most children even enjoy celebrating twice - once with the family and once with the friends. This should be exploited.

Since it takes a jolt of nerve to get over a kid's birthday party, the party is not necessarily at the end of a hard day's work or an important meeting. No, not really better. Most importantly at the chosen time, however, is that other adults or partners have time as a co-tamer, driver, trouser puller, Popo-cleaner, Naseputzer, beverage dispensers, comforters, dispute mediators, puddle wipers, bumpers and eloquenter representative of the best home of the World to be involved. In addition, it is extremely helpful to have (at least) half a day to properly prepare the whole thing (the preparation will be discussed in detail later in a separate section).

Because many parents (like us) working full-time, it is best to fall back on the weekend as an ideal party date.This is not only a small, very valuable gift for the parents of the little guests - they will have an afternoon at their leisure. It also elegantly avoids the situation, 5 excited children in 5 child seats to drive through the city and wait in vain for several closed doors, because you want to leave the little rascal back in their home.

If you have identified the individually correct day then you can turn to the concrete time window in the next step. Do you celebrate better in the morning or in the afternoon? At lunchtime, small children are not particularly well off, as they are often used to a nap. And no one needs a living room or nursery full of tired, whining kids.

The morning: You've gotten over it quickly, but then you have to make the afternoon with a sugared, upset, completely exhausted child. However, there is still plenty of time to put the apartment back to its original state.

The afternoon: You have to survive the whole morning with a very excited and upset child who asks every 2 minutes when the guests finally arrive come and say 250 times that he or she is bored. By the afternoon, the nerves of all participants can be a bit tense. We actually need them for the - right - main event. It is very beneficial, however, that after an afternoon celebration, the child can be relatively quickly put to bed. Overall, you have less time to clean up the apartment, but can switch to the drinks faster.

As always, there are advantages and disadvantages. It's best to put together a model, test it, and make the necessary changes next year.

You should write a proper invitation

Even in times of e-mail and sms, nothing beats an invitation on paper. On the one hand, the children are very happy when they have something tangible in their hands - the little trophy hunters who. On the other hand, ideally for all those involved, the relevant information has to go together.

What does it look like now, the perfect invitation? There are various possibilities: One can decide to participate in the arms race of particularly creative and leisure-blessed parents and to make elaborate cards. Or you can buy ready-made cards in the stationery trade with the usual cartoon characters that are popular with children. Mixed forms are also very popular: You buy cards and sticks an individual sticker to it. Everything is ok - again, it is important that the parents feel well with the chosen solution and can accommodate them in time. And please do not be confused by certain American blogs whose home-made invitations look like a bunch of bakers, dressmakers, and packaging specialists have been involved - that's not the real world, and kids do not expect that at all. Oh yes: In return, please do not expect from your toddler between 2 and 6 years, that it participates with joy and ambition in a joint crafting for card making. Eventually it will stick one or two stickers crooked and upside down on cards, and then certainly turn back to another occupation. Card making, card modifying and card writing or printing is clearly a matter of the parent right up to school age.

At no point should any compromises be made on the information content of the cards.In any case, phrases such as "at home" should be replaced with a full address. Even "the playground in the park" is rather fateful in a city with at least two playgrounds. Furthermore, it is advantageous to note the name of the celebrating child on the invitation. Or at least a phone number to ask who the unnamed invitation came from. We've already received a lot of invitations to children's birthday parties and we've been practicing all sorts of impossible variations and traps.

Here's what you can do to make an exemplary map and make the situation most transparent for you and the parents of the invited children our

Ultimate Checklist for Birthday Party Invitations:

  • Who celebrates? (first and last name).
  • Celebration (xter's birthday)
  • When's going to be celebrated?
  • Where to celebrate (Full venue address.) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS REQUIRED, like ours, my grandma's, the playground , in the indoor playground, so that people know the setting.)
  • Notes on arrival and departure (If the place of delivery differs from the place of celebration, this must be clearly stated h be made identifiable. It is also very useful to diplomatically note whether the permanent presence of the parents of the invited children is desired or undesirable.)
  • Full name of the parent or parents of the birthday child (especially for couples with different surnames)
  • Parental contact information (telephone number under which you can be reached before and during the party and/or e-mail address).
  • Response Notes (Specify a specific date for deny or decline and preferred communication path.)
  • Organizational (questions information on special foods is necessary (eg rain pants), request for a replacement diaper, if the child can not go to the toilet alone, etc.)

So , the first stage is done so first. Time and invitation.

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