Summer salad Ball salad - fruit and vegetables in ball shape, mozzarella, herbs and vinaigrette!

Toll. I'm really the queen of timing. Ironically, on the day when I want to serve you a genius, super refreshing and also very pretty to look at summer salad, it rains dogs, cats, buckets and twine together. But since July is summer, we have to go through it now. The beautiful days are back and then you are well prepared to enrich the barbecue or the picnic trip with this great idea. There is ball salad! Ball salad? Yes, ball salad!

 Salad made of fruit and vegetable balls, served in a glass

No, it's not about puffer fish nor would you have to eat after enjoying the salad bullets through the area. Some time ago I discovered this delightful idea in a Polish food blog and immediately had to implement it: a salad that only consists of balls. Served in pretty glasses, so you can see the balls beautiful. Equally great is the salad but also in mason jars or in glasses with clip closure. So you can present it great on a buffet or take it to the picnic. Since it does not contain any lettuce, it does not get soggy, but stays fresh and crunchy for a long time!

Fruit and vegetables layered in a glass jar

Of course, one thinks of cherry tomatoes and Mini mozzarella balls and that is already a great basis. I'll give you a recipe suggestion right away, but I'd like to say it's just a suggestion - let your imagination run wild and create your own favorite ball salad with your favorite fruits and vegetables, what's in season right now, or special fits well to a specific topic.

Fruit and vegetables with mozzarella balls as a summer fresh salad in the glass

It makes sense that you use a melon cutter - unfortunately I have no such other with a nice tool Get the shape. And then there are no limits: melons, cucumbers, apples, zucchini - balls whatever your heart desires. You can also use other fruit that has a similar shape anyway: physalis, grapes, cherries ...

Vegetable balls and fruit balls with mozzarella in the stirrer glass - the perfect picnic salad

Also the dressing is a matter of taste - to preserve the taste of the ingredients, I have a very simple Vinaigrette stirred together. Fresh herbs are the icing on the cake, whether basil leaves, chopped parsley, chives or fresh mint.Put in a bowl.

Add the melon and cucumber balls and the drained mozzarella balls.

Sprinkle olive oil and vinegar over it and season with salt and freshly ground pepper. the salad well, then place in a nice glass and decorate with basil.
Let it soak for a few minutes before serving.

 Blog-Event C - Zisch! Erfrisch mich! (Closing date July 15, 2014)

And because this salad is so summery and refreshing, it fits just like my summer salad with quinoa, corn, feta, tomatoes and avocado quite outstanding for the current blog event "Zisch! Have a refreshing "Zorra, to which the dear Simone invites you from the S-kitchen this time. Well, do we manage the 100 entries for the 100th anniversary? You can submit your fresh summer recipes until the 15th of July!