Halloween, Darth Vader and a Gammeltod for 20, - Euro

Halloween Pumpkin Oh yes, Halloween. At first we did not really get warm together, the American disguise party, the cultural imperialism and me. A few years ago (and more than I'm willing to admit), Halloween burst into my life with some unannounced news. At that time I was a hard-working single-frolic with a very lively leisure time. Nights became days, sleep was secondary and energy was endless. Every now and then, of course, there were those important, domestic retreat moments when I just wanted to bob in the bathtub for myself. With a lot of foam, the brand new edition of a certain women's magazine and a glass of pink Bubbelbrause.

And that's exactly how it was then: I had just started in my 2-room old apartment with bathtub, relaxed in one Meer von Schaumbergen and grabbed the women's title when it rang at the door. Irritated, I thought. Did I expect someone? No, excluded. Probably just a bell joke. I just wanted to immerse myself in the double page with must-have-clutches, when it rang again. Ääääääääääääääääääääät. Long. Persistent. Penetrant. Ääääääääääät. Ääääääääääät. Äääääääääät-ääät. I had never noticed what a terrible ringtone my landlord had chosen. But he probably had not chosen it, but a nameless electrician. And with the proviso to obstruct something as cheap as possible. Cheap bell systems - terrible! Äääääääääääääät.

What the hell ...? Or better: who dares ...? Reluctantly, I pushed myself out of the tub, fished for the bath towel, wrapped me in makeshift and stomped with very sinister thoughts through the long hallway to the door. Ääääääääääääääät. The water ran down my legs and formed small puddles on the holdiels. Well fine. I reached the door, jerked it open and looked ... into nothingness. It was wheezing. Then my eyes fell a few feet down.

Outside my door was a 1,20-meter-tall Darth Vader, who was wheezing. For a moment, I wondered if Kai Plum and Kurt Felix were about to jump out of my neighbors' door and the nation would be on the screens above me. I grabbed my towel convulsively. But nothing like that happened. Instead, Mini-Darth Vader continued to shout demonstratively and held out something to me. It was not a laser sword, but a plastic bag. I stared. Mini-Vader stared back. The plastic bag was lifted a little further and floated accusingly in front of my breastbone. Darth Vader gave up and decided to help this apparently totally dumb woman with puddles on her legs. Hüüüssichkeiten, it came out behind the plastic helmet. Then, someday, after what felt like endless seconds, the dime fell to me. Halloween.

I'm really lucky that I eventually moved in with the man. Among other things, because the man makes me aware of Halloween situations in time. He drags home - inexplicable neighborly friendliness - glucose-free inequalities in great detail in every possible and impossible coloration. If suddenly many bags with strange sweets appeared on the kitchen table, I know. When is Halloween, I ask the man. Tomorrow, the man answers and puts a neon green spider thing in his mouth.

At some point our son was born. From then on there was no escape. Already in the otherwise religion neutral Kita Halloween was celebrated. Probably as a substitute for the missing Christmas carols or something.I think that is compensatory justice. The eternal cycle of Halloween, which has now fully arrived in our family.

At the moment sees on our balcony, by the way, a 20, - € expensive mushroom pumpkin face to meet his Gammeltod. At the very last moment, the child had expressed the wish to have a Halloween pumpkin with illumination. Must have with large M. Cheap Halloween pumpkins were of course when the man and the child 10 minutes before closing time in the supermarket einfanden. So they put a substitute for a nutmeg squash and threw him for artful treatment on the living room table. When I heard what that cost, I had a renewed, very personal Halloween experience of the third kind.

And while the two of them are later out there as a godfather, Death and his faithful guardian in the vast expanses of the neighborhood I made a lot of loot, I missed the gourd triangle eyes, saber mouth and a new interior of tea lights.

The child loves his pumpkin. I am very curious if and how we manage to get him back from the balcony before Easter ...