Extra sausage without sausage - or the child becomes veggy

The kid and I step out the front door onto the street. It stinks beastly.

The child: "Booaahh, mom, what stinks like that here?"

Me: "I think a pig truck has just come over here."

The child: "What is a pig transporter?"

Me (ohoh, fairy tale or truth? - truth.): "This is a truck where pigs are brought to the slaughterhouse."

The child: "To slaughter?"

Me: "Yes."

The child (thinks): "Animals should live and not die."

Me: "But we eat her yes. In hamburgers, liverwurst, sausages and meatballs. You really like to eat. And you have to kill them. "

The child:" No, animals should live. I do not want to eat any more meat. "

Me:" Are you sure?! "

The child:" Yes. "

Me (in thought Well, let's wait until tomorrow. He'll have forgotten that again.

The kid and I are in the kitchen and I'm making the final arrangements for a dinner with friends.

The child: "What's up?"

I'll explain the diet. There are fish and meat in it.

The child: "I can not eat all that, I need something special." I: "Honey, we all eat the same thing. There are no extra sausages. For you, I do it so that you like it, so less spicy. "

The child:" No, I can not eat meat and fish. Animals should live. I need something special. "

Me:" Where did you get that from the "Animals should live"? "

The child:" Why, I already gave you that yesterday said. "

Me (in thought): Oh my goodness, now we are in the middle of the first vegetarian phase. And I thought that would not happen until puberty ...

So tonight there will be an extra sausage.