Booaaahhh ... already 6 !!! Congratulations big sweetheart.

Just before seven, it's still dark outside. In the apartment it is very quiet ... suddenly whispers something quiet in the hallway, paper rustles. Then it rumbles briefly, as if something big had fallen to the ground. Carefully someone sneaks into the living room. "Are these mice?" Asks the cat, examining her claws. "Or maybe someone bringing a big bag of apples" grunts the piggy hopefully. "Oh, you have no idea," quenches the duck and carefully plucks her plumage. "Today is a birthday!"

Then a lighter flares up, one candle at a time is ignited, and finally everyone lights up the living room. "Birthday, birthday!" Rejoices the bear and is amazed "Are these but a lot of gifts ..."

"Birthday - oh no, then sing the two big same again so awful," sighs the horse/p>

And in fact, soon after that, you'll hear from the next room a happy-ghastly song: "Happy Birthday to youuuu - jam in Schuuuuuh, apricot in the pants and a kiss zuuuuu!" You can hear all the laughter and applause. "Congratulations, great! Now you're finally 6! "

" Is he coming, is he coming now? "The pig wants to know excitedly about the cat. Firstly, it is free from giddiness, secondly it has the best eyes and anyway the best view up there on the second floor ...

Oh yes, he dances like a whirlwind into the living room, drops himself on the couch and cheers the presents.

Ritsch-ratchet, wrapping paper flies to all sides, all packages and packages are ripped open in record time and Soon the living room looks suspiciously like the Hoppenstedts again.

The cat is amazed, she has never seen such a big package. What's in it?

So Everything is unpacked! Cake time!

Mooooooment, who picked up a strawberry from the cake?

Aha !!!

Who wants the first big piece of the birthday chocolate pie?

Happy Birthday dearest sweetheart! Unbelievable that it's been six years since you hatched. We wish you a great and exciting year with the most beautiful school bag you can imagine, a lot of fun, many old and new friends and certainly a holiday by the sea. We love you very much. Thank you for existing. Mommy kiss.