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Our Fajitas en Molcajete...

Served on a hot Molcajete, grilled skirt steak, chicken breast, shrimp & a blend of Mexican cheeses with chile poblano & grilled red onion.



Perla C.

I love this place, good food, close to the airport, margaritas to die for, the table side guacamole Is under new management looks like, the last time I was there they had a new menu and looks as if the were still a bit disorganized


Positive E.

Went there the first time got two tacos, they where shabby , I make better tacos at home. So then I tried again just to give the benefit of a doubt. They felled horribly again. I got a taco salad, the shell my salad was in tasted like dishwasher liquid. Now idk how that's possible. But they will not get my service again. Oh yea an charged me for some guacamole when I asked for it to be in a to go container.


Jessica D.

Laredo's is pretty delicious and cheaper than many Mexican restaurants.I've been coming here for a long time, and I have never had a bad experience. When you are first seated, you get a basket of tortilla chips and salsa. The tortilla chips are the crunchier ones, and they're very good. My normal order includes either beef enchiladas with verde sauce or soft tacos, and both dishes are amazing. The other day, I tried the tamale and I didn't really care for it because it wasn't in the husk anymore and it was smothered with sauce. My parents both love them here though, so that is just based on my preference, not the food quality. They also have tableside guacamole here for cheaper than many Mexican restaurants I've been to, and it is always delicious and fresh.They have many alcoholic drinks to choose from here, and the prices aren't bad at all for pretty large amounts! I got a sangria margarita, and it was only around . Not bad at all for the size. As for the decor and atmosphere in general. The restaurant is small, but I almost always get seated right away. The right side of the restaurant are booths, while the left is where the bar is. The hosts and waiters are extremely friendly here, too.


Humberto P.

Table side guacamole fantastic.  Carne Asada was grilled perfectly.  Roach on the wall in dining area.... not good


Nicole T.

Love this place! The murals painted on the walls are beautiful and the food is amazing. I always get the steak burrito with melted cheese. The frozen margaritas are also really good and are huge! Highly recommend.


Cyndee T.

We've been coming here for over 10 years and many of the same employees are still working there.  My husband and I grew up closer to Texas where Mexican restaurants serve more "Tex Mex" than authentic Mexican food.  This restaurant is closer to what we are used to eating than others that we've tried in the area.  My favorite things to eat here are the white cheese dip and chips and the steak tacos (with flour tortillas).


Puneet S.

This was the worst expirience I have had eating in a long time. The food was unbelievable in how unsatisfying it was. There was no flavor in the food, bland. The salsa was watery. The meat was not cooked fully and there was no sense of good quality anywhere. Horrible place and would not recommend at all.


Allison W.

This was such a disappointment. The waiter was rude and impatient. (Fernando). The chicken tacos were bland and dry. The margarita was very weak. Not planning to return.


Albert R.

The service this evening was terrible, had to go to the bar to get own drink refills. Luckily there was the table side guac and food runners, cause our server was to busy hanging in the bar area to worry about serving his tables. Disappointing!


Lisa H.

We clearly arrived before 2 other parties, but they were seated before us so we just left. They need to have a more organized way of checking in guests. Otherwise, their food is good.


Eric W.

Just a perfect experience last night. They make the best guacamole right at your table. Fantastic salsa and chips and the rest of the food is always good, not gourmet but consistently good food and usually pretty quick.


Vince G.

One of the best place from the service to the margaritas and the food my favorite server is Jose very friendly and Carlos the whole staff is wonderful and very welcoming food is always great


I. E.

Awful service and mediocre food. Nothing was really good. And the fact that we waited 20 minutes for this only adds to the disappointment. I've had better experiences at Qdoba.


Artemis B.

Favorite place for Margaritas and amazing table side guacamole. Chips and salsa are great and so is the food!


Stephanie F.

The food is so good. It's in a small strip club so if you blink you might miss it. I love the table side guacamole and the tacos are delicious. Will be coming back soon.


Roland P.

My wife and I enjoyed dinner last Saturday night.  We have frequently visited Laredo's Restaurant in Rosemont.  The food is awesome.  The homemade Sangria is a must.  And the service is excellent.  Why spend the high prices of Mexican restaurants downtown when this restaurant is head and shoulders above any of them.


lou L.

Got here about 4:00pm --- we were the only ones in there for about an hour. Waiter was not friendly at all. Almost wanted to get up and leave, but the kids were hungry and eating chips and salsa already. Ordered the "Tableside" guacamole..... he brought it to us all made already.  At that point, I did not bother saying anything. Did not want to make him more miserable. He was not in the mood to work. This is probably his break time before dinner and did not put any effort in being our server.  I really felt like we were bothering him. But with that being said, the guacamole was excellent and the chips were warm!The rest of the meal tasteless, dry, and just not good.   Maybe, just maybe, stop in for the guacamole...... and keep your fingers crossed for a friendlier server. Or go to a better Mexican place in the area.


Laura D.

We love this place! We probably go there at least once a week! The table side guacamole is delicious, you can order it to your spice preference. I've stuck mostly to the tacos, I enjoy them. The Monterey and Maya are really good. The margaritas are good too, definitely strong.


Julie Y.

Came here for lunch and really liked the guac!  Everything else was okay.  Our veggies were super greasy and they messed up on my premium margarita and just apologized.... um should you take it and fix it? Food and drinks just average to me.  Not a place I would go to again unless voluntarily!


Dan P.

Went here for Mothers Day lunch. I just assumed it was new based on the confusing service we had - wait staff was overwhelmed and several people took our drink orders and had to come back a couple times to confirm. We had chips for about 15 minutes before they gave us salsa, which really just tasted like tomato juice. The table-side guacamole was the best part of the meal. We all ate it up so fast we needed to ask for more chips.There's too much to talk about, so I need to do a pros/cons.PROS:- not crowded so we were seated immediately- margaritas were tasty, although the spicy margarita (Durango) was not spicy at all- table-side guac was fresh and flavorfulCONS:- service was confusing from the start. Two different people took our drink orders and was about 20 minutes before we got our drinks- We had chips without salsa for about 10 minutes- Salsa could barely be called salsa (I would be embarrassed to serve it at home). ketchup probably has more flavor- We were a party of four, food came out at different times. First 2 orders of fajitas with sides, then carnitas. They forgot my flour tortillas. They forgot my dad's tacos so that came out several minutes later. They also forgot my nephew's quesadilla which came out maybe 20 minutes later after first receiving our meals.- The chicken and vegetables in my fajitas had absolutely no spice or flavor- Same thing with my sister's fajitas (steak/shrimp/chicken combo)- There was Cholula sauce on the table, so I added that to my first fajita bites, after my flour tortillas came out, and it only added a very weird taste. How does bottled hot sauce add a weird flavor? I'm guessing they water down the hot sauce bottlesI don't know how my brother-in-law found this place but I'm never trusting his recommendations on Mexican restaurants again. I'm honestly shocked this place has been around since 2005. They must be catering to a crowd that likes plain and flavorless food. I know Rosemont isn't exactly known for local restaurants, but there are better options in the area for Mexican food (not the one in the entertainment district)

House Signature Dishes...

About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews   About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews   About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

Texas Fajitas

Steak, Chicken and Shrimp come with peppers, tomatoes, onions, rice & beans.


Enchiladas Monterrey

Grilled chicken or steak, poblano peppers, queso Oaxaca, rolled in a corn tortilla, dipped in chipotle habanero, cream sauce & covered with queso, onions, sour cream & guacamole.


Yucatan Grilled Chicken Salad.

Sliced grilled chicken & cactusover a bed of lettuce with avocados lightly drizzled with olive oil, carrots, tomatoes & fresh cheese.

About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews   About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews   About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

Tacos Vaqueros

3 tacos (choice of steak, grilled chicken, carnitas or chorizo). Served with rice, & beans, pico de gallo, tomatillo sauce & Cheese.


Cocktail de Camarones.

Shrimp Cocktail.


Tacos Monterrey

3 Marinated grilled chicken tacos with pico de gallo, avocado & queso fresco, rice & pinto beans.

About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

Table Side Guacamole

Great fresh avocadoes flavored with limes, onions, cilantro, mild or hot, prepared right on your table.


Sets a new standard for Mexican Cusine...

Menu features a range of award-winning signature dishes as: guacamole en molcajete, prepared tableside and served with our house signature chips.

About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

Event 5 de Mayo!!!

About Laredo's Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Laredo's Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

About Laredo's Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Laredo's Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews

About Laredo's Restaurant and Reviews